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‘It’s about setting goals for yourself’

Fri 06 August 2010

, Leap, LEAP

Carina de Walle is Business Development Manager at law firm Loyens & Loeff. A broad portfolio, which she highly enjoys. “You are your best leader when you get the best out of yourself,” she reflects on the LEAP Energy event in June.

“Of course, there remains a lot to be done in terms of promoting women role models and one of the thoughts I took away from the LEAP Energy event was the importance of women supporting each other,” Carina looks back.

And how does that tie in with self-leadership? “That is about setting goals for yourself and about helping others to achieve their goals. The key is to recognise the importance of interacting with others. I need to be challenged every once in a while. It could be an unexpected chain of events, a new scene, or new facts. Change is good; within limits, I must add.”

Leadership journey
She reveals: “We were already working on a personal development plan, so I had already been thinking a lot about self-leadership and related matters we discussed at the event.” Carina sees herself at the start of an exciting journey. “I enjoy being in a managerial position. Also I enjoy seeing other people grow and I want to continue down that road. I’m aware of the areas in which I want to grow and I’m looking forward to developing my talents further.”

“Certainly, criticism is important on that journey. I have people around me who give me feedback. And, though not in a very fixed and formal way, I do mentoring as part of my job.”

Carina is looking forward to move into a new position a few years down the line. She also knows there is life outside work. “Children change your perspective. I have one and am expecting a second. Work is an important part of my life, but motherhood changes the state of play slightly. One more thing: You are your best leader when you get the best out of yourself. And don’t forget: it’s fun.”