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It's a whole lot easier when you do it together!!

Fri 20 August 2010

, Lydia Duijvestijn

For technical professionals there are three levels of certification; level 1 accreditation, is fairly easy to achieve for a good professional; level 2, certification, is more difficult to achieve as it involves leadership skills next to professional skills; level 3, senior certification, is very difficult to achieve as you have to be visible, recognized as an international technical leader, have a broad experience. In my company in my country (IBM NL) there are no senior certified technical women. This has to change definitely!

We therefore started a small self-help-group of senior technical women, some of which already started the preparations for this next career step, but dropped them again. The idea of the self-help-group is to set clear goals, to get informed, to assess one another and to stimulate and motivate one another. The competition is set aside. If one of us makes it before the end of next year, this is an achievement for the whole group. We have had two meetings and set up a community space on the intranet. I am convinced that this approach will work, but let's not cheer too early...