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Find Your Sweet Spot

Mon 08 November 2010

, Amy Riley, Tiara

In Tiara we explore whether we’re living our lives in alignment with our values, those qualities that are most important to us. Aligning our lives with our values can be quite easy to do if we take a straightforward look.

For example, if I look right now at a couple areas of my life, I can see pretty easily which values are abundant and which ones are lacking. In the area of my work, where I’ve been feeling inspired and grateful recently, I can see that all my top values are at play and particularly ‘choice’ and ‘trust.’

Physical fitness

With each business opportunity that comes my way, I remember I can choose if and how I want to be involved. I also completely trust my business partners and clients to be working towards our shared vision and results. Conversely, if I look at physical fitness, I see that ‘trust’ is not fully present. I am not trusting my shin muscle to heal itself and that my body actually knows what it needs to continually improve my fitness.

Making adjustments

When we know our values and how we want an area of our life to look, it can be almost formulaic to look at what values are there and what’s missing so we can consider making adjustments. I call it finding our “sweet spot.” The sweet spot in each area of our lives is that place where we feel good, we’re “in the groove,” and we feel inspired because we’re living out our values in an important way.

Tough part I think the tougher part for many of us is believing we can have alignment in all the different areas of our lives and remembering to look at alignment. In my next column I’ll dig deeper into when and how we’re in alignment.