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Traditional Coffee Houses in Vienna!

Mon 05 September 2011

, Nicole Bader, Charming Travel Choices

Vienna is world famous for its excellent coffee houses and cafés. The Viennese coffee houses are something of an institution and linked to Vienna’s social life. The traditional cafés and coffee houses entice with a wide variety of delicious coffee drinks, international newspapers and pastry creations. Vienna without coffee would be like a latté without the milk foam.


But what is the function of the Viennese coffee house, other than drinking coffee? In the Golden Age, the coffee houses in Vienna were frequently the meeting place for professional and intellectual classes from every corner of the empire. A place designed for reflection, where people came to read and write books, trade, gossip, think, dream and indulge in the glorious pastime of watching the world go by. 

The furnishings of a Viennese café can vary from plush and comfy to coldly modern and stylish. The classic look includes Thonet chairs, marble tabletops, plush sofas, large chandeliers and waiters in a black suit with a bow tie. In many classic cafés piano music is played in the evening and in the summer customers can sit outside on the big and cosy terraces. 

Many of the classic Viennese spots still exist and coffee lovers are spoilt for choice in the Austrian capital where beautiful cafés and coffee houses await discovery. The most famous coffee houses are Café Sacher, Café Demel, Café Central and Café Landtmann. These four coffee houses are located on different spots in the city and have there own particular charm. In each of the coffee houses you can choose from an infinite number of Viennese coffee types such as a Schwarzer (espresso), a Grosser Brauner (with milk), Einspänner (mocha with whipped cream served in a glass), Franziskaner (blend), Fiaker (mocha with brandy served in a glass) and Viennese Melange (strong cappuccino). Many cafés provide small food dishes like sausages as well as desserts. But the icing on the Vienna’s dolce vita is without a doubt the delicious cakes, pies and tarts like Apfelstrudel and the world’s most famous chocolate cake, the Original Sacher Torte. 

So are you off to Vienna within the coming months and you want to understand Viennese traditions? Then go and visit one of the traditional coffee houses and cafés and treat yourself to a delicious coffee and famous Sacher Torte