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Famous women and their handbags

Sun 08 January 2012

, Leapredactie, LEAP

Handbags are not only functional, as we all know. Depending on its style, colour, brand and size, it can be a status-statement or a pronouncement of ‘normalness’ . And you can do more with it than carry it around. Hand it to your  husband or personal assistant if you step on the podium to deliver your speech or put it on the table and rummage through it during a meeting. A purse can demean, intimidate or bewilder other people.

In the Daily Beast you can see a lot of  photo’s of famous women and their handbags. In the article you can also find some interesting observations on what the handbags do or say for those women.

Queen Elizabeth for instance regularly carries a handbag although she clearly does not need to carry keys, cash, or identification. Reports have suggested that she keeps lucky charms, family pictures and a makeup case in her handbag. But more than what’s in it, the mere presence of it both unnerves and fascinates. It’s such a gesture of normalcy by a woman whose entire life has been an anomaly. Perhaps it makes her feel a bit more “real,” more like an average woman who might joke about the forgotten items lurking in its seemingly bottomless pit?

First Lady Michelle Obama can also often be seen with a handbag. A blue Reed Krakoff tote is a favorite. It has the size of a shopping bag. What could a first lady–with Secret Service only a few steps behind–possibly need to keep so close? Maybe the feeling of staying real inside the bubble.

And Martha Stewart carried a Hermes Birkin into a New York courthouse during her 2004 trial for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and securities fraud. For a woman who was accused of acting as though her fame and money had put her above the law, appearing before a jury with a handbag that can typically only be accessed via celebrity or wealth was a let-them-eat-cake public relations move.
Look at your bag(s) and see what it can do for you….