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Three ways to shorten your workweek

Mon 01 February 2010

, Sjoukje van de Kolk,

Our lives may be filled with time saving machines, the fact remains we’re ever busy. Dishwashers and microwaves at home, e-mails, spreadsheets and internet in the office: they don’t save time. The only person who can do that is you! These three tips and tricks will show you how. 

1. Spend fewer hours at work
Claim your time and put less time into work. How? Decrease your working hours. Give yourself a given time to work every day or week and stick to it. You’ll see that you’re being more productive because you’re more efficient in the time you spend working. To ensure you stick to this, plan non-work related meetings, say 30 minutes, after your work deadline. If you stop work at 16.00, schedule a dentist appointment at 16.30. Next try to shorten every workweek with a half or full day. Trust me, you don’t need the extra time when you do your work more efficiently.


2. Work from home
Like more and more people you can work one or more days from home. That will save you time you would otherwise spend in a traffic jam, and it’ll make you more productive as you don’t get distracted or interrupted. Is your supervisor not convinced? Show her how you increase your productivity and save her transportation costs. Arrange set times to log in on the company, but tell your coworkers it’s all right if you’re not in touch all the time. The less interruptions, the more you can focus on your work and actually get things done. 

3. Keep fixed e-mail timing
E-mails and RSS are major temptations. Don’t let them rule you!  Set boundaries for yourself. Work for an hour, and then check your mails and RSS. Better yet, check them at set times. It’s ok if you’re not constantly in touch with the rest of the world.


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