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Barbie I can engineer!

Sun 21 March 2010

, Lydia Duijvestijn

Barbie collectors, buyers and sellers all over the world have been asked by the wellknown toy vendor Mattel, what 'profession' they would like the 2010 I-can-be-Barbie to have. The best scoring options were news-anchor-Barbie and computer-engineer-Barbie. The Mattel site claims 'You voted, we listened' and here she is, THE woman-in-IT role model, accessible to girls all over the world Barbie-I-can-be-computer-engineer.

As a long time IT professional and enthousiastic Barbie collector, I have obviously voted for her and I was curious how Mattel shaped her. I am pretty pleased with the result. Although I don't like Barbie-pink, especially not in laptops, I love the fact that she is so obviously feminine and still a techie. This is a good sign to girls who are reported to view computer science and consequently a job in IT as 'something for socially incapable nerds, who spend 24x7 in their attic behind their computer, gaming'. This is a girl just like them. I do hope, Mattel will soon come up with an AA technie Barbie, a latino and an asian techie Barbie, to inspire girls from other geo's and cultures as well.