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LEAP’s library: 'Why Women Mean Business’

Wed 21 April 2010

, Alberta Opoku, LEAP

LEAP’s library starts off with a new classic:  'Why Women Mean business'.

Cherie Blair finds it ‘a fascinating analysis’ and the Financial Times ‘an innovative and stimulating book.’ Avivah Wittenberg-Cox and Alison Maitland’s ‘Why Women Mean Business’ is the first pick of the LEAP Business Library. Why? Because ‘gender is a business issue, not a women’s issue.’

“This book is dedicated to the companies that are waking up to ‘womenomics’: the economic revolution created by women’s growing power and potential. No business can afford to ignore it. The 20th century saw the rise of women. The 21st century will witness the economic, political and social consequences,” reads the first page of the sample chapter of Why Women Mean Business: Understanding the Emergence of Our Next Economic Revolution.


With over two-thirds of Europe and North America’s university students being female, and women making 80 percent of consumer goods purchasing decisions, it’s bad business for an organization not to have women in its top management. Yet this is the reality of today. ‘Why Women Mean Business deals with why and how to improve women’s place in leadership. It provides a clear understanding of why companies that have women in high positions will become all-round employers of choice.

Smart business

If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to adjust to the male-dominated business arena, then look elsewhere. Because Why Women Mean Business recognises the similarities as well as the differences between men and women. More importantly, gender is not a women’s issue but rather a business issue and the authors treat it as such.

Case studies
They give an economic take on why it is smart business to have women in top management positions. The authors illustrate their point with case studies from various organizations and offer straightforward insights in how to improve women’s position in the workplace and marketplace.

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To order the hardcover edition via click here, and for the paperback click here. (Prizes do not include delivery costs).


 TitleWhy Women Mean Business Understanding the Emergence of Our Next Economic Revolution; 376 pages.

AuthorsAvivah Wittenberg-Cox and Alison Maitland.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (2009).